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    The Patient's Guide to Appendicitis

    Last updated 2 days 19 hours ago

    When a medical emergency strikes, surgery may be the best treatment option. If your appendix is inflamed, a doctor will likely recommend an appendectomy to remove it before it ruptures. For individuals who need an appendectomy, Raulerson Hospital offers safe and successful surgical services.

    What Is Appendicitis?

    The medical community is still unsure about the exact role that the appendix plays in bodily health and function. Doctors do know however, that the appendix can suffer blockages that may cause the accumulation of bacteria. This bacterial buildup can eventually cause severe inflammation, a condition better known as appendicitis. In many instances, this inflammation may develop in just a few hours.

    How Does Appendicitis Present?

    As the appendix becomes more inflamed, a person suffering from appendicitis may experience abdominal pain. This discomfort often begins in the center of the midsection, but it can spread to the lower right side of the body. An individual with appendicitis may also experience extreme gastrointestinal distress. The sensation of feeling sick to one’s stomach is common, as are bouts of vomiting or diarrhea. As is the case with other types of infection, appendicitis can also lead to high fever. Hunger may also be greatly suppressed when a person is suffering from this condition.

    When Should You Seek Help for Your Symptoms?

    Appendicitis can be deadly when left untreated. The longer that the inflamed appendix remains in the body, the greater the likelihood that it will rupture. If a rupture occurs, the bacteria inside the appendix could spread throughout the abdominal region. In as little as a single day, a person experiencing symptoms may eventually suffer a rupture. If one or more of the aforementioned symptoms present, doctors strongly urge individuals to seek immediate ER attention. Though many appendectomies are emergency surgeries, this particular type of surgery is extremely common in the United States.

    Would you like to learn more about appendicitis? If so, you can call our Consult-A-Nurse hotline at (888) 725-3918 to talk to a registered nurse available 24/7. You can also call to learn about our minimally invasive appendectomy procedure which leaves patients with smaller scars, quicker recovery time, and a shorter hospital stay.

    What to Know about Flu Shots

    Last updated 4 days ago

    The flu season is just beginning. The CDC typically designates October as the start of the flu season, which can last until the following spring. Because the flu can be deadly to certain demographics, medical professionals highly recommend that individuals over the age of 6 months receive an annual flu shot.

    The need to get a yearly flu shot stems from the ever-changing make-up of the viruses that cause the most deadly strains of the flu. By updating the vaccinations for these viruses, the medical community can help keep the public safe. In addition, immunity to the flu does not remain constant over time, so getting an annual flu shot is the best means to stay protected against these viruses.

    Do you need to get your annual flu shot? You can visit your local pharmacy or contact your doctor to schedule a flu shot. You can call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (888) 725-3918 to speak to a registered nurse if you need help finding a doctor.

    Rehabilitation at Raulerson Hospital

    Last updated 8 days ago

    To get patients back to health as soon as possible, Raulerson Hospital offers rehabilitation services. However, the rate at which patients can recover from their injuries or treatments often depends on their existing state of health.

    In this video you’ll be introduced to RH’s Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Director. The video also examines the factors that can influence the length of time that a patient may require for rehabilitation. For instance, should a patient undergo joint replacement surgery, he may need several weeks of rehabilitation. If he was fairly mobile prior to treatment, he may demand only a month of rehabilitative help. If he was largely immobile because of his damaged hip or knee, rehabilitation might be needed for a longer period of time.

    Do you have questions about your upcoming surgery or postoperative rehabilitation? If so, you can call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (888) 725-3918 to speak with a registered nurse. 

    Sleep Disorder Basics: Periodic Limb Movement

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Sleeping disorders are more than mild inconveniences. Without treatment, they can cause chronic sleep deprivation, which may lead to serious physical and mental health complications. Periodic limb movement disorder can be a particularly frustrating condition for those who suffer from it, causing them to wake up multiple times throughout the night. Raulerson Hospital urges local residents with periodic limb movement disorder to talk to their doctor about our Sleep Disorders Laboratory for relief from their condition. Below you’ll find some additional information about this condition.

    What Is Periodic Limb Movement Disorder?

    Periodic limb movement disorder takes its name from the nature of the condition, as it involves recurrent movement of the arms or legs. This repetitive activity can make it extremely difficult for sufferers to enjoy a full night’s rest and may cause them to become chronically exhausted. Partners who share beds with periodic limb movement disorder sufferers may experience sleep deprivation as well if the condition is so severe that it also wakes them.

    Why Does Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Occur?

    Sleeping disorder experts are still looking at the reasons why periodic limb movement disorder impacts certain individuals. Though the cause behind this condition may be unclear, medical specialists suspect that it may have an underlying neurological source. However, some people who suffer from this condition may have a primary medical issue, such as diabetes, that is causing the condition.

    How Can You Address Periodic Limb Movement Disorder?

    Periodic limb movement disorder can be an especially frustrating condition for sufferers and their partners, however, help is available. Sleep disorder specialists can provide medications to alleviate symptoms. By going to a medical professional, individuals with this condition can also undergo testing to rule out other health concerns that may be contributing to their sleeping issues.

    Do you suspect that you may have periodic limb movement disorder? If so, you can call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (888) 725-3918 to speak to a registered nurse at any time.

    Sepsis Is Serious! [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 2 months ago

    After an infection or surgery, one of the biggest risks patients face is sepsis. This blood infection is actually triggered by a response to the initial infection. Your body releases chemicals to fight the infection, which in turn cause inflammation that can potentially damage your major organs. Although sepsis can happen to anyone, the very young, the elderly, and patients with chronic medical conditions are most susceptible. If you’re recovering from surgery or a major infection, it’s important to know the signs of sepsis, as fast treatment is critical for recovery. Raulerson Hospital explains sepsis and prevention techniques in this infographic. Keep this information in mind as you or someone you love recovers from an infection or surgery, and report any potential sepsis symptoms to your healthcare provider right away. Help us spread the word about the dangers of sepsis by sharing this information.

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